Jordan Maron
February 10, 1992
Los Angeles, CA


Dead Guy
The Captain
A large variety of name misspellings stemming from Jardon


Los Angeles, CA




Internet personality
Music and video game producer

Years Active

2010 - 2011




December 21st, 2011 (age 20) Santa Barbara, CA

CaptainSparklez Funeral

Jordan Maron's tombstone.

Jordan Maron, also known as CaptainSparklez, was a YouTuber, vlogger,

and music and video game producer. He began his career on YouTube by putting up videos of his gameplay on YouTube. He made Minecraft parodies of songs, as well as his own music. His main YouTube channel had over 10 million subscribers, and the channel's most popular video is Revenge.

He graduated high school in 2010. Before he dropped out of college, he was aiming to be a chemical engineer before his YouTube career took off.
Jordon maron signature

Jordan Maron's signature.

Favourite Foods and Drinks Edit

Jordan did not keep much food at home, as he had no self-control and would eat all the junk food if he had any. Because of this, there are only bottles of liquids in his fridge. He had stated that he orders all of his food.

  • Buttery Nipple (Irish creme, Butterscotch liqueur and milk alcoholic drink)
  • Cheesecake
  • Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Core
  • Methamphetamine
Young jordan

Notable Quotes Edit

Death and End of YouTube Career Edit

On December 21st of 2011, YouTube Personality Jordan Maron (known as Captain Sparkles, stylized as CaptainSparklez) died in a car crash near Santa Barbara at age 20. Jordan was sitting in the passenger seat, while his father, who was recently released from a 12-year-sentence in prison, was driving under the influence.
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Witnesses say that Jordan's father crashed their car into a house near Encina Rd, Santa Barbara causing the entire building to collapse on the car and heavily injure both CaptainSparklez, and his father. He later died of blood loss in the hospital. CaptainSparklez's death caused the cancellation of gaming for the span of 5 years.

He will be deeply missed.

Trivia Edit

  • Jordan, for some reason, frequently finds little critters in his house, ranging from lizards to spiders. Whenever he finds one, he sometimes records himself yelling and/or freaking out about the creature. He then posts these videos on his Instagram (@JordanMaron).
  • Jordan is deathly afraid of needles, which is why he will never do steroids. He stated this in a Deep End episode.
  • Jordan is dead.
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